Simone Degan

Personal Trainer


As a medical researcher, Simone believes that a good lifestyle is crucial to prevent health conditions and improve the overall body strength and balance. Regular physical activity plays a crucial role in maintaining an optimum weight, preventing cardiac disorders, boosting the immune system and eliminating stress. However, learning and training with a proper technique is essential to avoid injuries that are associated with an increased amount of training. Being primarily a research scientist in the medial field of cancer Simone, is experienced in anatomy, physiology and nutrient metabolism. His scientific background along with his personal training expertise will tailor any individual including those with medical conditions to maintain an healthy lifestyle.


  • Weight loss
  • Strength Conditioning
  • Nutrition
  • Endurance and Aerobic training with Heart Zones
  • Toning and Sculpting
  • Injury Prevention
  • Exercise strategies for healthy individual of any age and for those clients with medical conditions 


  • Certified Personal Trainer, World Instructor Training Schools
  • CPR/first aid certification – American Red Cross
  • Member of the American Association for Cancer Research
  • Member of the American Thoracic Society


  • Personal trainer Interniship at Duke University Recreation and Physical Education
  • Ph.D. in Medical Science with focus on Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention, Physiology and Human Anatomy


  • Experience with speed, agility, strength, conditioning, reactive ability, core training, muscular tone and strength to prevent conditions such as back, knee and shoulder  pain
  • Years of experience with cardio exercises, core strength, muscular fitness, stretching techniques, aerobic training, biking, running, swimming, weight training and workouts 


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