Simone Degan Self PortraitIMG_2630-3

Light, composition, creativity, attention to details and simplicity are the factors that Simone seeks in his photographs. Born in Italy he has been surrounded by art since his childhood. He believes that such an environment has played a key role on his interest in photography.

Before taking a picture he carefully analyzes all the factors that will contribute to an eye-catching picture. A picture must tell the beauty of a place or the feelings of the moment to remember. He is meticulous on the research of the subject, on the composition of the frame and, most importantly, is always looking for the correct light to shape the subject. He is particularly skilled at digital image processing and post-processing that is routinely part of his digital workflow. After the image has been recorded in the digital media a long path of work is undertaken to obtain the final thrilling image. He also likes to experiment with special effects in post-processing to add a unique mood to the image but without altering the essence and message of the original Simone DeganIMG_0157  picture.

He travels extensively especially to remote destinations that requires hours of hiking and likes to capture the ambient light of natural landscapes in very unique situations especially at dusk or down, and people in their original surroundings.

Simone lived in England and is now based in North Carolina, USA. His work includes stock, commercial and product photography, portraits, events and weddings. A completely self taught photographer, Simone takes pictures for passion, his primary activity being medical researcher in cancer.